Gucci Workers Walk Out Over Office Move

Gucci workers walk out. So, here’s the scoop: Gucci’s stirring up some commotion. Loads of Gucci employees decided to strike on Monday, all riled up about the brand moving its design office from Rome to Milan.

Why the Fuss?

The company insists this move won’t cost anyone their job, but a labor union branch, CGIL, isn’t buying it. They’re calling it a sneaky way of cutting staff.

Protest Signs & Uproar

CGIL spilled the tea on their website, saying this shift might mean the end of Gucci’s gig in Rome. Pictures from the protest show peeps holding signs like “Gucci cuts but doesn’t sew.”

Who’s Affected?

Seems like 153 out of 219 employees from the Rome office will be affected. The union thinks asking everyone to pack their bags for Milan by mid-2024 is basically kicking them out.

Gucci’s Take

Gucci’s all about saying this move will help their creative gang in Milan work closer with the big shots at the company, making things more efficient. They’re throwing in perks and backing the move with more cash than the standard work deal in Italy.

Shake-ups at the Top

Gucci’s been in a bit of a shuffle lately. After their creative director jumped ship in 2022, the big bosses at Kering, Gucci’s parent company, made some changes in management. New creative head Sabato De Sarno came in earlier this year, and the CEO left the building, with someone new taking over.

Kering’s Goals

Kering, which also owns some big labels like Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, said they’re gunning to amp up Gucci’s game by beefing up their team and operations.

The Money Talk

Gucci’s the cash cow for Kering, raking in more than half of their $22 billion earnings last year. But, recently, the luxury market took a bit of a nosedive, and Kering’s sales didn’t shine as bright as before. They took a 9% hit in sales last quarter, not as snazzy as their competitors.

Gucci’s New Look

Gucci’s been making headlines with their new collection called “Gucci Ancora” which means both “still” and “again” in Italian. They flaunted their fancy gear in Milan, with celebs like Julia Roberts and Ryan Gosling cheering them on. The collection had a fresh take on old Gucci styles—think babydoll dresses, cool suits, fringed skirts, and blinged-up knitwear.

So yeah, Gucci’s stirring things up, both in their offices and on the fashion runway.