Gucci Staff Take a Stand Against Relocation

So, Gucci staff been in the spotlight lately, but not for the latest fashion trend. Dozens of employees threw down their tools in protest on Monday over the fashion giant’s plan to shift its design office from Rome to Milan.

Strike Sparks Upset

While Gucci insists the move won’t lead to job cuts, the CGIL labor union branch isn’t buying it. They’re shouting out about what they call a sneaky way to slash jobs under the guise of relocation.

Union Uproar

The union’s not mincing words, calling out the move as a front for shutting down operations in Rome. They’re showing the world their displeasure, posting pics from Monday’s protest in Rome where folks held signs like “Gucci cuts but doesn’t sew.”

The Nitty-Gritty

Here’s the deal: about 153 employees out of the 219 from the design office in Rome are getting affected by this move. CGIL’s not happy, saying this shift to Milan by mid-2024 is basically a backdoor layoff.

Gucci’s Spin

Gucci’s playing it cool, saying this move will help their creative team work closer with the company’s big shots already stationed in Milan. They say this setup will boost teamwork and make things run smoother.

Sweetening the Deal

They’re not just asking people to pack their bags and go—they’re offering perks and support that they say are better than what’s set out in the standard Italian work agreement.

Shake-ups in Leadership

This whole drama comes after Gucci’s creative boss, Alessandro Michele, stepped down in 2022. Then, Kering, Gucci’s parent company, shuffled its top squad. They brought in a new creative director, Sabato De Sarno, and swapped CEOs.

Kering’s Game Plan

Kering’s got big plans for Gucci—they’re all about revving up the brand’s mojo and making it shine. They’re backing Gucci big time, given that it’s their cash cow, bringing in more than half of Kering’s whopping $22 billion revenue last year.

Luxury Market Lull

But here’s the scoop: while luxury fashion was having a field day earlier this year, things started cooling off in the latter half of 2023. Kering didn’t quite hit the jackpot last quarter, reporting a 9% sales drop, not keeping up with the competition.

The Big Fashion Reveal

Despite all the behind-the-scenes drama, Gucci made a splash with their latest collection called “Gucci Ancora.” They rolled it out in Milan with big names like Julia Roberts, Ryan Gosling, and Kendall Jenner strutting their stuff.

Fresh Looks, Familiar Vibes

The new designer’s been busy giving Gucci’s classic styles a modern spin. Think babydoll dresses, chic suits, fringed skirts, hoodies, and blinged-out knits.

So, while the fashion world’s buzzing, Gucci’s workforce is making some noise of their own, standing firm against this move to Milan. It’s not just about threads and fabrics; it’s a whole different kind of runway battle going on behind the scenes at Gucci.