Gucci Staff Aren’t Feeling the Milan Move

So, things are getting pretty tense at Gucci dozens of employees took a stand on Monday against the company’s plan to shift its design office from Rome to Milan.

Strike Against the Move

The staff ain’t happy about this move. They hit the streets in Rome to protest Gucci’s decision. The company says no one’s getting laid off, but the workers and the union are calling it a sneaky way to cut jobs.

Union’s Take

The union, CGIL, is shouting out loud, saying this move’s all about shutting shop in Rome soon. They’re sharing pics from the protest, holding up signs like “Gucci cuts but doesn’t sew.”

How Many Are Affected?

This switcheroo impacts 153 out of the 219 employees working in Gucci’s Rome design office. CGIL’s got beef, saying asking folks to up and move 300 miles north to Milan is basically kicking them to the curb.

Gucci’s Side of the Story

Gucci’s saying this relocation is all about getting their creative heads in the same room with the bigwigs in Milan. They want more teamwork and synergy. Oh, and they’re offering sweet deals and support that beat the standard job deal in Italy.

Changes in Gucci’s Leadership

Remember when the head honcho, Alessandro Michele, left Gucci last year? Kering, the company that owns Gucci, did a shake-up. They brought in Sabato De Sarno as the new creative director and shuffled the top management. Marco Bizzarri left, and Jean-François Palus took the top spot.

Kering’s Big Plans for Gucci

Kering’s got big dreams for Gucci. They want to make it even more powerful in the fashion world. Gucci’s like the golden goose for Kering, making over half of its whopping $22 billion in revenue last year.

Ups and Downs in the Fashion World

Luxury sales were fire at the start of the year, but things cooled off by the end. Kering saw a 9% sales drop in the last quarter, which was a bigger dip than they expected. Looks like folks aren’t as hyped about high-end fashion gear these days.

Gucci’s New Groove

The new creative head, De Sarno, rolled out a fresh collection called “Gucci Ancora” in September in Milan. The stars were out, with big names like Julia Roberts and Ryan Gosling front row at the show. De Sarno put his spin on the classic Gucci style, sending out cool dresses, suits, skirts, and blinged-out knits down the runway.

So yeah, Gucci’s got some big moves happening—let’s see how this Milan switch pans out for the iconic brand.